The JLE is a 2-week trip to Israel for men – where you will actively explore and experience Israel with great students from around the globe.

Summer 2017 Trip Dates: June 25 – July 10 2017

Most days consist of a touring element (75% of the day) as well as a learning element (25% of the day).  Click Here to see a sample JLE trip itinerary.

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Touring Israel:
The JLE is famous for its extensive touring program ranging from half day & full day expeditions around the best parts of Israel. Trips include 3 day tours up north to the Golan, to the Galilee and down to the Negev. Whether you’ve never been to Israel or are have visited many times before, you’ll have a chance to visit places and gain perspectives that you have NEVER seen before! You’ll visit all the essential tourist attractions as well as many places off the beaten track (i.e. places you don’t get to go while on birthright). A healthy mix of jeeping, camel rides, sunrise hikes make the touring an exciting and FUN part of the program.

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Learning about Judaism: (like you never have before)
The interactive discussions, classes, and seminars help you relate to ancient Jewish wisdom and see its relevance for many areas of your life. Students are encouraged to challenge and ask questions throughout all areas of learning. You will have an opportunity to have small group discussions and one-on-one learning sessions with a mix of world-class experts and younger educators both of whom will be happy to help you discover your path in Judaism.  Click Here to see a list of topics generally covered in the classes and discussions throughout a JLE trip.


Winter 2016 Trip Dates: 12/25/2016 – 1/9/2017


Trip Costs are heavily discounted and subsidized, and dependent on your college campus. Note that there is no application fee – so sign up today and see if the trip works for you.

How to Sign Up?
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